• Urvija Banerji

Mango Diaspora

On Miami Fruit's website, I could order a box of star apple, cacao and passionfruit to be delivered to my door for $75. Or I could FreshDirect a golden dragonfruit for $10 and eat it with a spoon on my bed. In the summer I could pick up a carton of too-soft peaches at the farmer's market and watch them rot on my counter. Buy a bag of oranges, simmer them in sugar and water for an hour or two to make marmalade, candy the rest for a Walter Mitty cake. Google how to open up a pomegranate, pick the seeds out with fingernails, scatter them over salads and tarts like glitter. Cut open a guava and sprinkle the slices with rock salt, the way my mom likes it. (A small fortune spent on wasting assets.)